GAMES BEGIN!! Arena Protocols - Home & Away, News (Huntsville Minor Hockey)

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Nov 13, 2020 | Kelly Farnsworth | 1039 views
GAMES BEGIN!! Arena Protocols - Home & Away
You will notice that game and practice schedules are all being uploaded to our schedule to take us up to the Christmas holidays. Please be sure to be signed up to alerts for schedule changes for your particular team in case there is any shuffling of schedules after the first posting of times (as has been said many times, this is not a normal year and the one thing we have had to become is flexible).

Please read on for protocols specific to each arena where games are being scheduled (home and away). We need all HMHA families and teams to be diligent in following the mandated protocols so we don't put our programming at risk of being cancelled due to non-compliance. With the increasing COVID 19 numbers, this will be even that much more important.

Huntsville - Canada Summit Centre:
Please note: due to the multiple incidents of people not following the protocols, our kids have suffered the consequences. The reason Dressing Room openings were rolled back is because of the numerous number of people in the CSS not doing what has been mandated. I am extremely disappointed that due to the following actions by some people, our players have lost the opportunity at this time to have Dressing Rooms available to them: people not wearing masks, people wearing masks to come through Contact Tracing and then removing them, people abusing the "exemption" reason for not wearing masks, people coming through the back door and not entering through the main doors and being added to the Contact Tracing Sheets, spectators not going upstairs to the warm viewing area and are instead congregating in the lower area or ice level, people not respecting the 1 Spectator per player protocol. I am guessing that because no one may have addressed these infractions at the time, that some feel they have "gotten away with it". Sadly, far from it. There are repercussions for these actions and our kids are paying the price. The feeling is it is not safe at this time to open the dressing rooms because there would be no way to monitor if proper safety measures are being followed behind closed doors when so many are not following the safety measures in plain sight. Additionally, my hope of being able to add 2 spectators per player in time for games has not been possible either for the same reasons. Not only are we not currently able to add more spectators, our privilege of having 1 spectator permitted has been called into question. I have advocated for this not to be rolled back by speaking for our families and saying they can do better with yet another reminder of what is expected - please don't make me regret that. I am very disappointed that for all the families doing what is asked, that they also have to pay the price. I know many families would like to be able to have more spectators in attendance for games, but sadly this is not on the table right now. There are so many people working so hard to bring this programming for all our HMHA players, please do your one small part by following the protocols that have been put in place.


When we travel, we still need to do our own Contact Tracing Sheets. Managers please continue to fill in the forms that we are currently using (copies under COVID 19 on this website). Each facility will want a copy.

**NEW** We can no longer record spectators as +1 on Contact Tracing Sheets - the Health Unit is requiring that everyone entering must have their full information recorded on the sheet

South Muskoka Arenas:

Bracebridge Arena:
Please Note:
-the door to the arena is only open for 15 minutes prior to your game time - if you miss getting in at this time, there will not be an opportunity to enter the building as they lock the door and no one returns (remember, the arena is the only facility in this building)
-the staff expect everyone to strictly follow the protocols
-spectators are not permitted to be children or youth, adults only
-there are numbers limits posted on the Dressing Room Doors - you must not go over the posted limit permitted
-Bracebridge Arena update:



Muskoka Rock Arenas:

Muskoka Rock will be using the Port Carling and Humphrey Arenas

Here are the rules and regulations pertaining to Muskoka Rock’s home arenas.
Port Carling Arena
The visiting team will enter 30 minutes prior to game time  to do skates and helmets and proceed out to the Ice surface/visiting bench.  

The home team will enter 15 minutes prior to game time to do skates and helmets and proceed out to ice surface to start warmup.
Parents will be asked to wait to enter once the kids have taken to the ice as we are only using the lobby for kids to tie skates as well as parents using the lobby while watching the game.  Ice surface bleachers will not be used.
Parents are being asked to leave the lobby area as soon as the game is finished back outside.
At end of the game the visiting team will come off the ice immediately and remove skates, helmets, etc and leave the arena.  
Once the visiting team has left, the home team will come off the ice and follow suit.
We are requesting two copies of the visiting teams contact tracing sheet, one to keep with our records and one for the arena staff.

In Port Carling we also have to fill out the sheets that are attached below - one is the Covid screening questionnaire and has to be filled out for each person entering the arena i.e. one for a parent as well as one for player. The second sheet with the township logo on it, there has to be one filled out per family.



Humphrey Arena
In Humphrey both visitor and home teams will enter 15 minutes prior to gametime as we will be using dressing rooms for skates amd helmets.  Parents are able to use the lobby to a maximum of 10 people as well as the ice surface bleachers.

All players, staff and parents will enter through the main entrance in both Port Carling and Humphrey.  
In regards to numbers for both arenas- each team is permitted 10 players, 2 bench staff, 1 manager, and 10 parents (1 per player) which equals 46 between the two teams plus 2 arena staff and 2 referees which equals our 50 person maximum capacity.

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