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Summit Centre Usage Information
Submitted By Kelly Farnsworth on Wednesday, September 30, 2020
As we have hit the ice each night this week, the following is some additional information to make procedures flow efficiently, answer some common questions and to reaffirm some details that seem to have some common misconceptions.

The following has information for families, players and volunteers.

Entering the Don Lough Arena:
-entrance is through the Main Doors; Exit is through the Exit doors in the Don Arena (out past the washrooms)
-please follow the directional arrows and maintain physical distancing while in the building
-the doors are locked at the Summit Centre and will be opened at 15 minutes to the hour for each of our ice rentals
-all who are entering for HMHA booked times, must line up beginning at the sign indicating ice rentals and make a line down the sidewalk along the building towards the Train Station (in a physically distanced manner) - please do not make a line straight out from the entrance doors into the roadway as this is busy with vehicles through here and standing in the drop off zone is a dangerous place to wait 
-if you are a Bench Staff/On-Ice Volunteer, please feel free to come to the front of the line so you can get in and get prepared as it is such a short window
-if you are coming in as a spectator (one per player permitted), please let the players go through the line first so they can get to the arena and get their gear on (timeline is short)
-it is Mandatory for us to do Contract Tracing for everyone entering the building - this includes spectators, bench staff and players (no one should be heading into the arena until this has been done)
-we must record name and telephone number for everyone entering the building - this information will be used by the Health Unit should there be a related COVID-19 exposure
-we must also indicate if the Daily Health Assessment Questionnaire has been completed and passed - please do this at home before coming to the Summit Centre - we just need to have verbal confirmation that this has been completed; otherwise we need to go through the questionnaire with each person and this slows the line down considerably
-we have started checking people in outside in the line up so that we get some completed in advance to move things along
-once teams are set, we will be able to have preprinted forms that will move the process along much quicker (for now, we will need to record all phone numbers, which is slower)
-do not worry if you don't get right on the ice the minute your timeslot starts - everyone is in a bit of a learning curve and things will move slower until we have done this process a few times
-please remember to bring your own water bottle from home, labelled clearly with your name - no sharing of water bottles - works best if you bring it prefilled from home for time - you can use the water filling station across from the Pool Office if you need to fill it up
-masks must be worn while inside the Summit Centre - you can take your mask off when your helmet goes on; when your helmet comes off after your ice time, your mask needs to go back on - if you prefer to leave your mask on while on the ice, that is a personal choice
-bring a jersey and socks to wear along with full equipment
-there are a few players who have not attended (or will not attend) their ice time this week - this can be for several reasons understandably - if you haven't already, please let me know if your player did not attend, if they plan to participate, but were just absent for other reasons - we will soon be dividing teams up and with such stringent restriction on numbers, we need to know of any player who will not be participating before we divide our teams - if your player happened to slip in when the contact tracing was being done and not wait for this, they will be marked as if absent - please advise if they really attended and make sure that they get checked off each time
Coaches/Trainers/On-Ice Volunteers:
-our Equipment Room is available
-use provided hand sanitizer upon entry and exit - this area is our responsibility, is not sanitized by Town Staff
-lockers will not be assigned until we have bench staff confirmed to a particular team
-there are pails with pucks and pilons and trainer bags on the floor in the Equipment Room-this is for use by team staff only - please take what you need for your ice time and then return it so there is enough for all our teams during these initial skates
-everyone must wear a mask at all times inside the Summit Centre - our volunteers are permitted to remove their masks when on the ice as long as they are able to physically distance; when off the ice surface, all bench staff/volunteers are to put their mask back on
-Trainers - if on the ice can also remove their mask, however, if they need to tend to a player, the mask must be put back on (there are also gloves, hand sanitizer and extra masks in each trainer bag) - if Trainers are not on the ice, a mask should be worn to be in compliance with the requirements of masks in indoor public places
-if you have any questions, or need any direction, please contact Greg MacMillan:  [email protected]
COVID-19 Specific Information:
-please note that we have a tab at the top of the homepage of this website titled: "COVID 19"
-here you will find the Daily Health Questionnaire - please complete this at home with your player and anyone else who will be entering the Summit Centre from your house each applicable day - everyone will need to indicate they have done the questionnaire and have passed the screening prior to entering the Summit Centre - if you haven't done it at home, you will need to go through it when the Contact Tracing form is being filled out
-also under this tab you will see a link to the TLDSB COVID Information Resource - the specifications included in this resource related to attendance at school, are the same for attendance at any HMHA event - please follow the guidelines contained in this document
-if you have developed symptoms, do not pass the questionnaire, have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID in the last 14 days, travelled outside of the country in the last 14 days, you are not permitted to attend any HMHA scheduled activities or enter the Summit Centre until you have been cleared to return
-if you have any questions, or need to report COVID symptoms or positive testing, please contact Julie Morgan as she is our COVID Lead for HMHA:  [email protected]
Spectators/Player Support:
-we are currently permitted to have one spectator enter the Summit Centre to help with equipment and/or spectate while your player is on the ice - one is permitted per player 
-must follow the same check in as players and volunteers
-you are permitted to assist your player with equipment if they are in need and then go directly upstairs to the Warm Viewing Area of the Don Lough Arena - the stairwell through the doors by the washrooms in the Lower Lobby can be used to access the upper viewing area
-the walking track/stands area are currently closed and off limits at this time
-if no assistance is needed by your player, you are to go upstairs directly after check in
-you must come in during the 15 minute window when the players are being checked in as the doors will be locked after this time and the check in volunteer will not be there
-please respect these directives or this privilege may be taken away from us 
-many other arenas are not permitting any spectators currently, even for younger ages - some are having designated volunteers registered as "skate tiers" and those are the only ones permitted to come in to help players of all ages
-there are specific numbers allowed in any one section of the Summit Centre at any one time - this is on direction from the Public Health Unit - the expectation is the parameters are followed or the building is in danger of being shut down
-we are given a little latitude in "transition" areas as these are places that are not used to linger, but only to ie put on equipment and then move on
-the only people permitted at the ice level or lower level of the Don Lough during the ice time are the players and volunteers - any more and we are over our limit for the specified area - there are other user groups who enter also while we are on the ice, so the expectation is everyone moves on to their designated area so we don't have people congregating in larger numbers than permitted
-if your player requires assistance during an ice time, a volunteer will let you know and you can, of course, come down at that time to tend to your player

Everything is new for everyone. Guidelines may be relaxed or modified as appropriate.

It is so great to see the kids back on the ice!
Kelly Farnsworth - HMHA President/OMHA Contact
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