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Sep 25, 2020 | Kelly Farnsworth | 3441 views
All of our approvals are in place and we can start skating on Monday, September 28th.

Read on to find out when your player is scheduled to skate - all players will have one ice time between Monday and Saturday this first week.

Information regarding protocol inside the Canada Summit Centre is included in the following article.

All players who formally registered through Hockey Canada have been given one ice time for next week. Players are listed by division and first initial, last name.

If you registered through HC and your player is not on the list, please contact Kelly Farnsworth. If you did not register through HC and you wish to sign up,  please fill out a Registration Wait List form on this website.

The groupings are not the teams. Players will be placed on teams of 10 (maximum) in the near future. Once the kids have had a chance to get moving on the ice and bench staff are finalized, we will work with the coaches to attempt to balance the teams. Our goal is to make the teams as even as we can to maximize everyone's fun.

Please search for answers on our website as there has been a great deal of information posted here recently and we will continue to add as we go. Please attempt to be flexible and positive - things will be different than the past, but our goal is to get the kids on the ice and physically active with other kids. Let's not get hung up on details, but simply enjoy our kid's getting some degree of normal back in their life. Please consider if your individual request really is as all-important as you may initially think it is - there are so many details being worked out to get all the kids back to hockey, that fielding individual requests simply complicates things and adds to a heavy volunteer workload.

We appreciate everyone's patience so far and we appreciate in advance this continuing as we sort out all the regulations that have been put in place to help keep our players and volunteers safe, while letting us all get back on the ice. There are likely to be changes and modifications as we go and we will share information and updates as we have them available. We are working towards having a section on our website dedicated to pertinent health and safety information, as well as any policies and procedures you need to know. The information in this article will get us going for next week.

Procedures & Summit Centre Details:
-Each person entering the Summit Centre will need to pass a COVID Pre-Screening (this will be added to our website so that the screening can be done in advance and you can indicate it has been done upon arrival)
-no one is to enter if they are experiencing COVID-related symptoms
-Contact Tracing will be done upon entry - names and phone numbers will be recorded of everyone who enters 
-Entry will be through the Main Doors of the Summit Centre; Exit will be by the washrooms in the Lower Don Lobby
-the ice is in the Don Lough Arena only at this time - with only one ice surface, all user groups have had to be flexible with times to get as many of our local kids back to on-ice programming
-everyone is asked to use Hand Sanitizer upon entry
-Ice times will begin on the hour - you will be permitted to enter the SC beginning 15 minutes prior to the hour and everyone is asked to exit within 15 minutes of leaving the ice
-Masks are to be worn at all times indoors (these can be removed when the helmet goes on) -  suggest a clean container or baggie etc. for masks to be stored in while on the ice
-Everyone is asked to follow the directional arrows and socially distance while indoors
-one person may accompany each player into the Summit Centre - they will need to enter at the same time as the player - permitted to assist with equipment and then must go directly to the upper warm viewing area of the Don Lough for viewing
-Dressing Rooms are not open for teams to change in at this time - there are chairs set up where equipment can be put on (these are in public areas, so nakedness is not permitted)
-players should not have equipment on while travelling in a vehicle that impedes the safe use of a seat belt or car seat
-Goalies will be permitted to use Dressing Rooms to put on equipment
-there will be washrooms available in a Dressing Room for those using the ice; the public washrooms will also be open
-Players are to bring their own Water Bottles from home, clearly marked with their name - there is to be no sharing of water bottles
-the fountains are disconnected - the water bottle filling station across from the Pool Office will be available
-this is a learning curve for all of us - HMHA Executive, Bench Staff, Families, Players, Town of Huntsville Staff will all need to work together - modifications may be necessary to procedures as we all find what works and what doesn't work so well
-some restrictions within the Summit Centre may be lifted or modified as is appropriate or as may be directed from Public Health or Governing Bodies

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here - Hockey Time!
See you at the rink!
Kelly Farnsworth - HMHA President/OMHA Contact

HMHA First Week Grouping by Division: 

The Groupings are not official teams
Participants have been divided in groups.
Main goal this week is to experience what this season will look like with the COVID-19 guidelines

U7      Time:  Saturday, October 3, 12:00

Coaches/Trainer:  Luke Aitken & Sean Adam & Willy Arbuckle 

S Adam

J Aitken

J Arbuckle

K Beaton

E Billingsley

W Billingsley

C Bladon

H Bryant

Q Cameron

B Clark

C Cochrane

S Cochrane

G Cooper

J Felhaber
B Yaworski

U7      Time:  Saturday, October 3, 1:00

Coaches/Trainer: Dan Keevill & Matt Kendall & need a certified coach & need on ice helper

N Fisher

K Gant

R Gisborne

M Harriss

S Henkel

A Jay

M Keevil

A Kenzie

C Kirkpatrick

K Liadis

G Lock

G MacDonald 

J Marshall

R McCabe

T McDowall

U7       Time:  Saturday, October 3, 2:00

Coaches/Trainer: Ben McKay & Jamie Morrison & Dan Robinson & need on ice helper

E Cox

D Menard

M Moyer

K Nelson

M Pirie

N Purser

A Robinson

C Robinson

RJ Rudge

Z Snow

T Tilstra

W West

C Wiebe

P Willand

U8      Time:  Saturday, October 3, 8:00am

Coaches/Trainer:  Matthew Best & Ryan Baptiste & need on ice helper

C Best

L Best

C Brisson

G Calligan

P Clancy

E Corbett

A Hill

W Hill

H Hughes

H Lapp

S Liddle
K. Little


U8       Time:  Saturday, October 3  9:00

Coaches/Trainer:  Jay Capson & Warren Stewart  & need on ice helper

H Morton

C Shirtliff

M Stewart

R Strano

L Terziano

B West

J Willard

D Young

L Seaman

E Giese

J Oliver

U9       Time: Saturday, October 3  10:00

Coaches/Trainer:  Adam Galt & Reece Morrow & Benjamin Sen

L Chapman

H Earl

J Anderson

B Bladon

T Boyd

A Buczek

S Cantelon

K Clark

K Morrow

J Doyle

L Galt

J Hamilton

B Harquail

U9       Time:  Saturday, October 3  11:00

Coaches/Trainer:  Eric Helliwell & Andrew Nieder & need a trainer 

H Helliwell

F Nieder

E Elliott

L Cornish

S Henderson

M Jordan

P Juszczak

N Marshall

G Nakogee
L Sen

B Solman

W Vollick

D Walton

U11    Time:  Wednesday, September 30  5:00

Coaches/Trainer: Todd Adair & Jeff Liddle & Matt Tunney & Tanya Neal 

L Andrews

B Arbuckle

C Adair

J Boettgler

A Conroy

P Cool

W Earl

C Hewitt

B Higgs

S Liadis

J Liddle

N MacKinnon

O MacKinnon

W Neal

C Quinlan

N Tunney

Z Woods


U11    Time:  Tuesday, September 29  5:00

Coaches/Trainer:  Jay Capson & Brent Ellerson & Scott Morrison & need on ice helper

M Beckner

E Brisson

P Brummel

F Caswell

B Clark

N Coombs

W Cornish

J Ellerson

S Ens

W Evans

E Gamper

C Fisher
J Gamble

S Gaworski

I Giese

B Greib

I Greib

C Hamilton

J Hampton
L Yaworski

U11    Time: Tuesday, September 29  6:00

Coaches/Trainer:  Glen Kay & Bonnie Fleming & Bryan Villeneuve & Steve Perentesis & Warren Stewart 

M Hampton
D Kay

C Lawrence

M Fleming

N Pascall

N Perentesis

L Pomerleau

C Power

T-M Reid

J Richter

E Russell

C Sewell

T Sternberg

R Stewart

M Timpano

A Tonkonvic

D Tulloch

R Boshold

M Lavoie

U13         Time:  Wednesday, September 30  6:00

Coaches/Trainer:  Eric Helliwell & Sean & Tom Holinshead & need on ice helper

J Armstrong

W Boettger

S Boothby

S Craymer

F Elliott

C Franks

C Frasier

C Helliwell

N Holinshead

C Hrbak

E Jay

K Kingshott

N Lagendyk

L Lawrence

H Leeder


U13            Time:  Wednesday, September 30   7:00

Coaches/Trainer:  Doug Whitfield & David Nichols & Lisa Cornish & Tom Holinshead

R MacKinnon

T McCrea

O McKay

I Moeller

J Nicholls

J Saunders

L Schraa

D Seaman-Marshall

A Shirtliff

E Shirtliff

J Urbanski

C Vallentin

I Ware

C Woods

V Cornish

T McGregor

U13     Time:  Thursday, October 1  6:00

Coaches/Trainer  Matt Kendall & Jeff Matthews & Chris Maw

A Bickle

D Blowers

T Briand

T Brooks

W Byers

H Clark

J Dooley

K Faubert

D Gamper

J Graham

C Gray

O Jaszczak

G Kendall

L Lovegrove

P Matthews

J Maw
D Slute


U13             Time:  Thursday, October 1   7:00

Coaches/Trainer:  Jason Vink & David Nichols & Reece Morrow

W. Earl
J Markle
H McFadyen

R McKean

T Mitchell

W Morrison

H Morrow

O Nichols

P Nichols

O O’Halloran

C Page

M Reeve

G Vink

R Watson

M Willamson

L Young

N Clarke


U15     Time:  Monday, September 28  8:00pm

Coaches/Trainer:   Kyle Shirtliff & Chris Alles & Robert Ehl & Brian Keyes & Mike Waters & John Meaker

C Alles

D Buttus

T Buttus

T Cameron

E Caracciolo

O Carleton

H Crawford

W Crawford

J Crowder

O Decaro

N Ehl

J Fiorini

N Gonthier

T Johnson
C Keyes

U15     Time:  Monday, September 28   9:00pm

Coaches/Trainer: Mike Waters & Stephen Willms & Kyle Shirtliff & Brian Keyes & John Meaker

I Lewin

S Lockwood

B MacKinnon

J Maxwell

S Morgan

P Perentesis

N Saari

R Summers-Arndt

A Waters

G Williams

B Willms

J Wilson

J Woods


U15     Time:  Thursday, October 1  8:00pm

Coaches/Trainer:  Brian Keyes  & Kyle Shirtliff & Mike Waters

J Bozek

B Clement

M Dooley

M Evans
M Fairhall

W Fisher

N Graham
B Hewitt
J Lane

J Little

R Marshall
K Shirtliff

U15             Time:  Friday, October 2  7:00pm

Coaches/Trainer:  Tim Seymour, John Meaker & Mark Tulloch & Chris Maw

C Maw

H McCartney

A McKee

M Meaker

K Priest
R Reid

M Schraa

T Seymour

N Sinton

E Tonkovic

M Tulloch 

C Wood

A Yungblut


U18     Time:  Wednesday, September 30  8:00pm

Coaches/Trainer:  Jason Farnsworth & Matt Young & Matt Coles

15 Participants

B Aben

O Buczek

B  Bullen

T Cameron

C Carr

S Coles

L Cool

K Crowder

K Crozier

R Digiacomo

W Farnsworth

J Gardiner

D Grant
J Hildebrandt

N Johnson
L Sallmen

U18    Time:  Wednesday, September 30   9:00pm

Coaches/Trainer:  Mike Lines & Scott MacInally & Eric Schurer & Dave Thur

C Lines

M Lines

J MacInally

T MacKinnon

A MacMillan

A Maddock

B Punchard

T Robb

N Sands

W Schurer

J Taylor

L Therrien

G Thur

A Tone Reid

D Williams

T Wortman

U18          Time:  Friday, October 2   8:00pm

Coaches/Trainer: Brandon Janke & Mike McCabe & 2 coaches & 1 trainer

B Ashby

M Baxter

J Bozek

E Coles

D Cousintine

N Crawford

H Douglas

J Duncan

J Fairhall

G Farr 

C Frasier

D Graham

H Harris

R Holford
J Lockwood
R McCabe


U18            Time:  Friday, October 2   9:00pm

Coaches/Trainer:  Chris Nikiforuk  & Leslie Tempest & Brandon Jake & Chris Maw                    

A Craig
N Decaro
M Hetherington

B Hopson

C MacMillan

L Martin

C Maw

M McCartney

K Nicholls

I Nikiforuk

E Park

B Seymour

B Shearing

W Tempest

E Urbanski

B Wilder

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