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Sep 19, 2020 | Kelly Farnsworth | 612 views
AGM Results - Board Members Needed
Thank you to those who took the time to login to our AGM.

The 2020-2021 HMHA Board is now in place.

We are still in need of some volunteers to fill positions to help us provide programming in these challenging times. Please give some consideration to helping us out.

Executive Directors:
President - Kelly Farnsworth
OMHA Contact/VP - Vacant
Secretary/COVID-19 Contact - Julie Morgan
Treasurer - Greg Macmillan
Registrar - Amanda Jones
Rep Director - Gen Lines
LL Director U7-U11 - Vacant
LL Director U13 - U18 - Vacant
Development Director - Odette Daniel
Equipment Director - Carolyn East
Executive Staff:
Ice Scheduler - Vacant
Tournament Convenor - Vacant
Referee Convenor - Vacant
Minor Officials Convenor - Penny Wilder
Sponsorship & Fundraising Convenor - Vacant
Head Trainer - Vacant

With the format for hockey being much different while we are in Stage 3 of the pandemic, some positions are not as crucial immediately. However, we have a few holes that are crucial now.

We are in great need of a LL Director (s). This position can be filled by one person for all divisions or split into 2 positions if that is preferable. As we have a very strong Local League, with the majority of our teams in this stream, this is a key position within our Board. Sondy Waldriff has filled this position for many years and I am guessing many assumed she would just remain indefinitely. This position is, indeed, vacant. Without this position filled, our ability to continue to run a strong Local League is in dire jeopardy.

Ice Scheduler is another key position that without someone filling this role, all our programming is in jeopardy. Leslie Jones remained last year to help out HMHA because no one stepped forward. Thankfully Leslie has helped us in the interim. We cannot keep expecting that people will remain in positions year after year if no one steps forward as this is not sustainable for our Association. 

OMHA Contact/VP plays a vital role within our organization. Due to the nature of this position, previous HMHA Board experience is needed. I filled both this position along with President last year - ideally we would have a different person dedicated for each position.

Registrar is a vital position at the beginning of any season. Amanda Jones remained last year and this year to help out HMHA because no one stepped forward. Thankfully she has stepped in to make Registration happen this year. If anyone is interested in potentially moving into this position next year, please give some thought to shadowing Amanda this season.

Head Trainer is a role we brought back last season. Having someone facilitate some training and being a resource for our Trainers at any time is important as injuries do happen and it is important to have confident trainers in place on each team. This year, with the added health and safety concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic, a Head Trainer would be all that more important.

While we are in Stage 3 programming, some of the other vacancies on our Board  are not as urgent to fill, however, once we return to more "normal" programming in Stage 4 and beyond, all of the positions play a key role within in our Association.

I am concerned with filling positions needed to make programming work for this season, but also am concerned for the future of HMHA if we do not start bringing in some new members to not only fill positions, but to do so while there are still some people involved with experience and knowledge to pass on.

Please give it some thought - our players are counting on you!

If you are interested in possibly filling one of these positions, please email Kelly Farnsworth at  [email protected]

Kelly Farnsworth - HMHA President
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