OHF POLICE CHECK (VSC) MEMO (Huntsville Minor Hockey)


Vulnerable Sector Check(VSC)/Police Record Check

If you were a bench member in 2022-23 or 2023-24, your VSC may be on file.  Check by emailing [email protected] promptly.

Huntsville Minor Hockey Association (HMHA) and Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) mandate a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) with the OPP for all involved in OHF hockey programming, including Team Officials, On-Ice Officials, Skills Coaches, and Dressing Room Supervisors, for both on-and-off ice activities. Refer to the OMHA Criminal Record Check Policy.pdf for more details.

🖱 The full screening process here: OHF Vulnerable Sector Check Page

**Bypass Step 1 only if you possess a 2022-23 or 2023-24 Vulnerable Sector Check and completed a current OHF Screening Declaration Form (both in PDF format) to complete the HCR Vulnerable Sector check process.

STEP 1: Submitting a NEW VSC:

 Access OHF Vulnerable Sector Check Page

 Click and follow instructions under "Where to get Vulnerable Sector Check Done"


STEP 2: Upload VSC to Hockey Canada Registry

 Record your Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) Number

 Prepare for upload. Ensure the Vulnerable Sector Check are clear and legible. The file format must be PDF.

If you're ready to add to Hockey Canada Registry, follow steps:

👉Go to OHF Vulnerable Sector Check page


👉Follow steps to complete the Hockey Canada Registration VSC process

Please note: Post VSC application, you need to annually submit an OHF Screening Declaration Form until VSC expiry.