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Oct 16, 2020 | Kelly Farnsworth | 3428 views
Players have been moved out of their original groups into their bubbles.

The schedule has changed for the week of Monday, Oct 19th - Sunday, Oct 25th.

Many players are scheduled on different days.

There will be HMHA ice times scheduled 7 days per week now.

Read on to see the new player lists and schedule.

Please note that while the players have been moved into their bubbles and listed in teams, the teams could potentially change before they are finalized (teams will be finalized soon). This year is much different than any other year and due to the restrictions regarding numbers for both bubbles and teams, splitting players into teams has been much more challenging than in past years. We appreciate your patience while we sort this all out. You can find the updated team list by scrolling down in this article.

With so many players in HMHA, there is the potential for a name to have been missed when posting the lists - if your player name is missing please contact Kelly Farnsworth (unless they are in a division that has "Player List Coming Soon" noted under a team name).

Our U7 and U9 divisions will have their weekly ice times on Saturday mornings. Our U11 - U18 divisions will have an ice time during the week (Monday- Friday), with a second ice time on the weekends (Friday - Sunday). Due to a lack of available ice and bubbles that do not have an equal number of teams, there will teams each week that will have a Bye on the weekend (meaning they will only have one ice time that week) and there may be a team that will actually end up with 3 ice times per week, to allow for there to be two teams on each weekend hour of ice. We will assign different teams a Bye (or a 3rd ice time when needed) each week. Once we have a game schedule with Muskoka Rock and South Muskoka in applicable divisions, some of the ice time slots will be used for games.

The schedule for the upcoming week (and moving forward) will be added to the Calendar and Team Schedules on our website over the weekend (teams will be identified by Division and a Team number). You can also find a summary of the schedule by division/team for October 19-25 by scrolling to the bottom of this article.

We will be able to start using the Dressing Rooms during our ice times beginning October 19th. The showers are not currently open. Each dressing room has a limit of the number of players permitted inside at any given time. The limit will be posted on each dressing room door. If you come to an assigned dressing room and there is already the limit inside, please move along to the next dressing room. There will be at least 3 dressing rooms identified for each hour. This information will be displayed on the TV screen to the right of the Customer Service Desk when you enter the main lobby of the Canada Summit Centre. 

We are permitted to have one spectator per player currently in the Don Lough Upper Warm Viewing Area. If your player requires assistance getting dressed, the spectator is permitted to help out. Once the player is dressed, ALL spectators are asked to go directly upstairs to the Warm Viewing Area. If your player does not require assistance and you have come to watch, you are asked to go directly upstairs upon entry to the Don Lough Arena. We have been receiving feedback that not all spectators are respecting this and some are not Socially Distancing while attending our ice times. If we are complying with the spectator rules, there is a potential for us to be able to increase our spectator number per player permitted inside the arena, however, if we are unable to have one spectator per player be compliant, the chance of us moving to more spectators is taken off the table with the potential that we could lose the privilege of having any spectators at all (please remember there are other local arenas that aren't permitting any spectators currently). Please police yourself and don't put the burden on the arena staff or one of our volunteers to be put in the position of having to tell adults what is expected. Let's work on this together so we can move towards more spectators hopefully being able to enjoy some hockey at the Summit Centre.

There is the potential for some restrictions to be eased at the Canada Summit Centre. The Town Staff are taking a gradual approach to having areas opened and available to those using the ice and spectators. Changes will be made when it is felt this can be done in a safe and manageable manner.

Updated Player Lists by Division:




J Aitken

K Gant

C Wiebe

C Kirkpatrick

S Adam

Z Snow

J Marshall

J McKay

A Kenzle

K Beaton



T Tilstra

K Nelson

C Bladon

B Clark

G MacDonald

C Robinson

R Rudge

N Purser

D Menard

W Billingsley



H Bryant

Q Cameron

S Henkel

T McDowall

J Arbuckle

G Cooper

R Gisborne

M Keevil



G Lock

J Felhaber

A Robinson

M Harriss

A Jay

S Cochrane

K Liadis

B Yaworski

E Cox



R McCabe

W West

P Willand

N Fisher

E Billingsley

C Cochrane

M Moyer

M Pirie


(U8 and U9 age groups have been added together to create the U9 division)


K Morrow

L Sen

S Cantelon

B Bladon

M Jordan

P Juszczak

L Terziano

J Willand

H Lapp

H Morton



H Earl

J Doyle

B Solman

J Anderson

L Best

A Hill

H Hughes

E Corbett

J Oliver



L Cornish

K Clark

F Nieder

J Hamilton

H Helliwell

S Liddle

M Stewart

C Stewart

P Clancy

E Giese



L Chapman

N Marshall

B Harquail

W Vollick

E Elliott

C Best

R Strano

L Seaman

W Hill

G Calligan



G Nakogee

L Galt

S Henderson

A Buczek

D Walton

T Boyd

C Brisson

B West

K Little

D Young


B Greib

I Greib

R Boshold

W Cornish

S Gaworski

E Brisson

T Sternberg

N Pascal

P Brummel


J Ellerson

B Clark

N Coombs

E Gamper

T Reid

C Hamilton

M Timpano

C Fisher

J Varieur


M Beckner

D Tulloch

I Giese

C Sewell

N Perentesis

C Lawrence

E  Russell

L Pomerleau

L Yaworski 



J Richter

S Ens

J Hampton

M Hampton

A Tonkovic

M Lavoie

F Caswell

M Major Flemming

J Gamble


W Neal             

R Stewart 

A Conroy

O MacKinnon

N MacKinnon

D Kay

W Evans

B Arbuckle

L Andrews



S Liadis

P Cool

C Hewitt 

J Liddle

C Adair 

J Boettger

W Earl

Z Woods

B Higgs

C Quinlan  


J Markle
V Cornish
C Helliwell
N Lagendyk
D Gamper
M Reeve
A Bickle
W Earl
T Mitchell



D Blowers

G Vink

O Nicholls

P Nicholls

O O'Halloran

L Young

L Lovegrove

W Byers

R Watson



G Kendall

T McGregor

J Saunders

T Briand

J Graham

H Clarke

T Brooks

K Faubert

H McFadyen



R MacKinnon

J Maw

P Matthews

W Morrison

M Williamson

D Slute

C Gray

H Morrow

N Holinshead



J Nichols

J Urbanski

J Dooley

C Hrbak

O Jaszczak

E Jay

C Page

R McKean

N Clarke


C Woods
C Franks
K Kingshott
L Lawrence
L Schraa
H Leeder
S Boothby
J Armstrong
C Vallentin
I Moeller



C Frasier
W Boettger
E Shirtliff
A Shirtliff
D Seaman Marshall
F Elliott
S Craymer
T McCrea
O McKay
I Ware



S Morgan
N Graham
N Saari
M Schraa
N Sinton
E Tonkovic
B Clement
J Fiorini
C Alles
J Wilson


B MacKinnon
J Lane
M Evans
H McCartney
M Meaker
T Seymour
A McKee
M Tulloch
R Marshall
J Woods


T Buttus
B Willms
M Fairhall
W Fisher
C Maw
A Yungblut
K Priest
M Dooley
J Little
R Reid



N Ehl

H Crawford

K Shirtliff

E Caracciolo

T Johnson

O Decaro

S Lockwood

J Maxwell

N Gonthier

W Crawford


C Wood

D Buttus

C Keyes

R Summers-Arndt

P Perentesis

A Waters

O Carleton

I Lewin

G Williams

J Crowder



R Holford 

E Coles 

S Coles

B Shearing 

H Harris 

B Hopson 

B Ashby

C Frasier 

A Craig



W Tempest 

C Macmillan 

N Crawford

K Nicholls

C Maw

J Duncan 

L Martin 

J Lockwood 
D Graham


E Urbanski 

I Nikiforuk

B Seymour 

E Park 

H Douglas

M McCartney

M Hetherington

D Cousintine 



M Farr 

R McCabe 

J Fairhall

T Cameron
Th Cameron 

M Baxter 

G Farr

N Decaro 

B Wilder 



B Aben

N Johnson

J Hildebrandt

T MacKinnon

A Macmillan

T Wortman

K Crozier

L Cool

A Tone Reid

J MacInally



W Farnsworth

C Lines

L Therrien

D Williams

G Thur

O Buczek

L Sallmen

K Crowder

C Carr

J Gardiner



T Robb

M Lines

D Grant

J Taylor

B Bullen

A Maddock

R Digiacomo

N Sands

W Schurer

B Punchard



Schedule for October 19-25:

Saturday, October 24th:
11:00am - U7#1 and U7#2
12:00pm - U7#3, U7#4, U7#5
Saturday, October 24th:
8:00am - U9#1 and U9#2
9:00am - U9#3 and U9#4
10:00am - U9#5
Tuesday, October 20th:
5:00pm - U11#5 and U11#6
Wednesday, October 21st:
5:00pm - U11#3 and U11#4
6:00pm - U11#1 and U11#2
Sunday, October 25th:
11:00am - U11#5 and U11#6
12:00pm - U11#3 and U11#4
1:00pm - U11#1 and U11#2
Tuesday, October 20th:
6:00pm - U13#1 and U13#2
Wednesday, October 21st:
7:00pm - U13#6 and U13#7
Thursday, October 22nd:
6:00pm - U13#3 and U13#4
7:00pm - U13#5
Saturday, October 24th:
1:00pm - U13#6 and U13#7
2:00pm - U13#3 and U13#4
3:00pm - U13#1 and U13#2
Thursday, October 22nd:
8:00pm - U15#4 and U15#5
Friday, October 23rd:
7:00pm - U15#3
8:00pm - U15#1 and U15#2
Sunday, October25th:
2:00pm - U15#4 and U15#5
3:00pm - U15#1 and U15#2
Monday, October 19th:
8:00pm - U18#1 and U18#2
9:00pm - U18#3 and U18#4
Wednesday, October 21st:
8:00pm - U18#5 and U18#6
9:00pm - U18#7
Friday, October 23rd:
9:00pm - U18#6 and U18#7
Saturday, October 24th:
4:00pm - U18#2 and U18#4
5:00pm - U18#5 and U18#6
6:00pm - U18#1 and U18#3
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